A downloadable game for Windows and Android


Born. Discover. Explore. Bring to the light. Realize. Emancipate. Reborn.

Emancipate. From our past. From our blood. From our formal education. From our genre definition. From our love conceptions. From our perceptions about the others. From our work illusions. From our social class ideology. From our concept of Nature.  From our vision of what are the World. From our own conscience. Born and  reborn. Reborn. Born. So many big things, so many little things to give birth from within.

Born for the first time, an inevitable act. But to be born as a person - to shed light on what remains dark in us, to excavate hidden senses and understandings, to bring all this issues to the surface, to bring them to the luminous healing of consciousness, to give them birth - how hard it is to emancipate yourself. Despite of this, is there someone who dare to born only once?

We born, we reborn. We reborn, we born. We give birth at ourselves. But not just us. In us, we give birth to others. And by the others, we also gain birth. We give birth to each other. In the way we eat, wear, talk, group, argue, laugh. We all, together, dare to reborn and born. We share. We inspire. We act.  We, politically, act.  Because to act belongs to our public political sphere.  It's our human condition.


Needs a Google Cardboard and a compatible Smartphone.

Install the apk file. Have fun.


VFX, System Architecture, Programming
Marcos Silva (Nameku)

Level Design, Programming
Alexandre Greluk Szykman

Game Design
Fabiano Onça

Heartbit SFX
Herbert Boland (Creative Commons)

"Denouement", by Kay Engel (Creative Commons)


Goethe Institut


Reborn, Born.pptx 2 MB
RebornBorn_GJ.apk 82 MB